Absolute Kaos Tour 2015

Touring QLD & NSW from 8th Aug to 10th Oct 2015
Absolute KAOS is a show like no other that has been performed anywhere on this planet! Imagine the best freestyle riders, hear the DJ’s playing music, Think of some BMX & scooter riders and what about a massive kick-awesome Tent?

Well the Absolute KAOS Tour is all that and more! We have our giant KAOS super Tent, FMX riders including Nitro Circus, X-Games & international riders. In the middle of the ramps we have a DJ stage with some great DJ’s pumping out some great music while the FMX guys fly and flip over the top of them and just to add a bit more to the mix a full BMX-Skate park each side of the stage with BMX & Scooters flipping and jumping as well. All this over 4hrs. Now that is Absolute KAOS.

We also have Flip Side our “Youth Extreme Program” where the guys will be doing FREE workshops & demos on our Mobile BMX-Skate park for the kids and also talks on Drugs, Alcohol & Bullying.

Telstra will be running “Cyber Safety Training” at each event for Kids & their Parents plus supplying FREE WI-FI Hot Spots.

Meet & greet some of the best FMX guys in the country and the performing DJ’s in our Merch Tent before the show.


Outside our Tent is where the fun begins!

We are offering this to some of the local communites to run as a fundraiser for Schools & other Non for profit & Charity organizations to do some of the catering, other youth events, music, rides, games, markets & extra entertainment. They get to keep the money they make from the event just for having us in their town. You don’t get any show that gives back to the community like ours does.