We are FMX Kaos, one of the best international freestyle motorcross teams from Australia.
Over the years we have had the pleasure of performing with some of the Crusty Demons and Nitro Circus riders both overseas and in Australia. Although it doesn't stop there, we have been to other sensational events around the world and now have our own tour.

We build our own ramps & engineer our own madness as we attempt some of the best spectaculars known to FMX.

Check out our tour dates here!

Don't miss any of the chaos with the Kaos crew ripping up the lime light and suspending time as they defy gravity.


We also offer kick-awesome FMX entertainment packages including a spectacular FMX trick show complete with fireworks & live, blood pumping entertainment. Events also have autograph signing with the riders and a whole lot more!

Check out our Entertainment page for more details and what's included.







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That way we can keep bringing you the best of freestyle to your backyard or event!