Fmx Kaos have designed & manufactured the one and only Mobile Skate Park in Australia.
The park includes, 2ft & 6ft box jumps, 7ft quarter pipe, 8ft rolling, grind rails as well as a full wooden floor to complete the skate park with a professional presentation. This Mobile skate park was specifically designed for Youth Development Programs.

With our Youth Development Program, we point young kids / adults in the right direction.
We give them a new perspective on several aspects of been a kid these days.
FMX Kaos have success with discussing the topics which are often in the minds of the youth today.
Often young people of today think it is harder than it should be being a kid.
They often take the wrong direction in the way of crime, drugs, alcohol, etc. which will impact there life for years to come.

We pride ourselves on pointing the youth of today in the right direction.
Our voice sounds in the ears of those that listen.